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Weddings, Civil partnershiPS and vow renewals

Today, in the 21st century, less than half of the British population identifies as being religious. 

Yet although we may be turning our backs on religion, there is still very much a need (perhaps even more so in these times) for ceremony to mark life events with family and friends.

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies bring the opportunity to celebrate humans in all our myriad forms, elevating the uniqueness of each partnership bond and for all guests to share in a sense of unity and well-being. 

Now that we are no longer confined to religious convention, we can re-write the script and imbue our ceremonies with ideas, customs and ethics which are meaningful and personal to us. Freed from convention we can include all of the members of a blended family with a unity sand ceremony. Or we can create something simple and intimate with a hand fasting or unity candle ceremony.

I will help you to create a ceremony which reflects both you and your loved one. Guided by you, I will write and perform the ceremony according to your tastes and wishes. The vows each couple make to one another are as different as each partnership. A couple’s vows reflect the personality of each individual within the couple and therefore I encourage you to contribute to writing the vows and help to create the shape of the ceremony.  Using my skill and experience I will take your ideas to create a unique ceremony written exclusively for you and your loved one.  After the ceremony, you will receive a presentation copy of the ceremony to be cherished for the rest of your lives together.