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It all started when...

I was just a kid.

Like most little girls I loved everything about weddings and would play marrying my friends to my little brother at any given opportunity.

I loved all kinds of ceremony, even the daily ritual of making and brewing tea in a pot. As I grew up, although I wasn't from a very religious background, I would light candles and burn incense to create a sense of reverence, as a way of honoring a moment or containing my emotions. I was also inquisitive and a voracious reader. I loved listening to the stories of my Grandparents generation and writing my own stories.

At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. During this time, as I recovered, I explored different world religions and philosophies in order to help bring some kind of meaning to my predicament. I found that as I implemented some of the ancient rites that I learned about, the intrinsic value of life increased. I was able to truly appreciate every moment, even the difficult ones..

Happily I survived and I am here today to bring non religious ceremony to your life, bringing my curious nature, experience as a writer and public speaker (I am also trained as a teacher, translator and storyteller) to discover your story and help you celebrate the most important events in your life.