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Have you ever been to a Funeral that was totally impersonal?

When I was ten my lovely Granddad died suddenly and unexpectedly. Although he was Christian, he hadn't lived in the area for very long and so the local vicar didn't know him and didn't consult my family at all. 

 There was no mention of how he always laughed raucously at Tom and Jerry cartoons, there was not even the merest hint of his love of education and the written word. Nor that he was exceptionally kind, that he always did little jobs for the neighbours, that in fact on the day he died, he was shovelling snow from the neighbour's driveway. That was just the kind of guy he was. Although I didn't attend his funeral, I understood that the impersonal nature of the ceremony caused a lot of additional grief and upset for my family.

Many years later when his wife, my Nana died, we chose to have a non-religious ceremony for her. This was a revelation. The celebrant came to our home and spent time listening to our stories about her. As a result the ceremony was very moving and imbued with her personality, stories and idiosyncrasies. It was as if the celebrant actually knew my Nana.

This is what I will achieve for you. I will listen to you and the stories you share about your loved one in order to create an entirely unique ceremony that will reflect their character, loves and feelings about the world, honoring their wishes and yours.